At South Bay Community Church we love kids. We love teaching them and we love spending time with them. Recently, however, we have come to understand that our responsibility is more than just giving them lessons each week and hoping that somehow they buy into Christianity through the years. God has shown us that we need to truly disciple these young souls. In other words, teach them the rudiments of the faith with our mouths but then, also, physically walk with them through their lives to help them see how these truths in God's Word can be useful in times of difficulty, in decision making, and in any of life's circumstances.

We have heard it many times that 'children are the hope for the future'. We at SBCC take this concept very seriously. Thousands and thousands of church-reared children have grown up and chosen to walk away from the faith. We know that if we do not change our half-hearted endeavors to reach them as youngsters, it is a very high likelihood that they will not be reached at all. We are giving our lives to reach our children and we'd love to have you join us. We hope to see you!!

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